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Elsa's creator Baron Frankenstein and Igor! :icongothold:gothold 0 1
Bianca and Otto Frankenstein. :icongothold:gothold 0 0 Elsa! The EX-Bride of Frankenstein! :icongothold:gothold 0 2 Bride of Frankenstein from The Mad, mad monsters! :icongothold:gothold 0 0 Darklaw, Lt. Cmdr. Oktavia Vonder-Hursk :icongothold:gothold 0 0 Darklaw, Cmdr. Baron Vector of Darklaw. :icongothold:gothold 0 2 Darklaw, I.M.S.S. Tiamat. :icongothold:gothold 2 0 Scrap Rats, Relic, the Mechanoid. :icongothold:gothold 0 0 Scrap Rats, Delphy Sarmax :icongothold:gothold 1 0
Bloodlines-The Inheritance, Chapter 1
Bloodlines-the Inheritance
Chapter 1
Shreckkenhof Castle, Vysaria.
late Autumn 1952*(Imperial Ferndockian calender.0
 Old Baron Hugo Von Shrekken was dying, and he was not enjoying it, to say the least.
  "it's so anti-climatic," he thought to himself. Propped up on several pillows, he was stretched out on the big canopied bed he had used for the last 56 years. His breathing was shallow, and spasms of pain shot through his thin wasted body, making him arch up in silent discomfort.
   The bedchamber was mostly dark. The only light provided by a single candle on the bed stand and a small fire in the great fireplace at one side of the room. Outside a great storm that had been building up all day was just beginning to unleash it's fury! The winds howled, and sheets of heavy rain buffeted the castle! Jagged forks of lightening lit up the darkness quickly followed by booming thunder that made the floors vibrate!
   The Baron wished it was cannon fire instead of
:icongothold:gothold 0 0
Minamo21's Mega Molly :icongothold:gothold 3 1 Darklaw-Gargonian Marauders! :icongothold:gothold 1 0
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Kelsea Rutkurs, Cuddle's friend and roomate. :icongothold:gothold 1 3
Mature content
Cuddles, the little goth she-demon. :icongothold:gothold 0 21
Bel Brimston, Sith Warrior! :icongothold:gothold 3 2 Angela, Fallen Jedi turned Sith apprentice. :icongothold:gothold 3 0


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Elsa's creator Baron Frankenstein and Igor!
You must be Elsa's father Baron Frankenstein..or is it doctor Frankenstein?

Frankenstein; "its both young man, but you can call me Victor."

Oh thank you Victor. it's a pleasure and an honor to meet such a famous man of science."

Victor:"thank you but I'm sure many would consider the term infamous more accurate."

Well yes what with what happened with your first creation. But that wasn't really your fault. I mean it was your assistant who got you the wrong brain.


Victor:"Oh how rude of me, let me introduce Igor."

Igor:"About time anyway let me clear something up! I was in a hurry and I was startled by loud bell clanging bell and the jar with the normal brain slipped! I had to bring him a brain so I took the only one left and it just happened to be the Abnormal one!"

I see, Victor..your a doctor, a scientist with degrees in anatomy, neurology, a brain specialist and surgeon.

Victor:"that's right, I graduated from the university of medical sciences of Kralberg and i have degrees from University of Heidleberg and Buukerest."

Well then didn't notice it was a abnormal, criminal brain before you put it in the Monster's skull?

Victor:"Uh well you see we had to hurry. The weather conditions were just right. a great storm was coming over the Carpathians and we had to act fast in order to harness the cosmic forces of heaven and nature! To wrest the secret of bestowing life!"

Igor:" To put it plainly NO he didn't."

Victor:"It would have taken to much time to examine the frontal lobes and the cerebellum!"

Igor:"All you had to do was read the label on the jar!"

Gentleman, let's move on. your second creation, Elsa turned out better didn't she?

Victor:"Oh yes indeed she did! I made her as a mate for the Monster, hoped it would bring him around and get him to settle down."

Igor:"And he did..for a bit but, he fell back into his old irresponsible habits and then he left Elsa for some vampire hussy!"

Victor:"Yes and her with two children!"

I know, so now she moved on with her life and you two have moved with her."

Victor:"That's right young man. She bought a lovely old mansion next to a cemetery in California.

Igor:"Sunny Hills to be precise!"

Victor:"it was fortunate timing too, You see Igor and I came out to each other and confessed our feelings for each other."

You two are..Gay?

Victor:"Yes and now Igor is now more to me than an assistant, he is my wife."

Igor:"Oh Victor." (they hug each other close.)

So what are you and Igor working on these days?

Victor:"Oh well I'm glad you asked that. I'm trying to unravel the mysteries of immortality!"

Oh really, you trying to become immortal?

Igor:"No we already have become Immortal!"


Victor:"That's right, Igor and I haven't aged a day in 50 year or so right Igor?'

Igor:"Actually it's bit more like 60 or 70 years."


Victor:"I haven't the foggiest! I was conducting an experiment on cellular regeneration when there was an accident."

Igor:"The lab blew up."

Victor:" yes, oh what an explosion! I thought we were both done for then, but within a few weeks we were right as rain."

Igor:" unfortunately all his notes were reduced to confetti and we can't remember what we did."

Victor:"but we will mark my words we will!"

Well think you both.

Victor:Your welcome young man."

Igor:" likewise."


Davidd Strait
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Well February 14th is coming,   I don't know if they mark that date in other countries but here in America it is a day for giving cards, flowers and gifts to your true love. A day to celebrate romance.

But not me. my love, the romance of my life died 8 years ago, my heart and soul still haven't recovered. All Valentines day for me is painful loneliness. 

I feel no one can understand what I mean.


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