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Darklaw, Lt. Cmdr. Oktavia Vonder-Hursk
Name/Titles: Lt. Cmdr. Sir Oktavia Vonder-Hursk. 1st officer of Imperial Morgothian Starship "Tiamat", Knight of the Order of The Sacred Sword!

         Species: Morgothian

              Hgt: 1.85 meters.

             Age:  39

 Homeworld: Draxus. or Imperial Capital.


      Sir Oktavia is the only offspring of Sir Horris Vonder-Hursk and his mate, Lady Milvis Vonder-Hursk. Oktavia's ancestors have been members of the Ancient Order of the Scared Sword, one of the oldest knightly orders in the Empire!

      Ever since she was a little one she wanted to join the order and carry on the family tradition of honorable service to the Empire and it's people.  she would spend hours listening to tales of valor and bravery of the knights. she made it clear that when she completed her education at the Imperial Academy she wanted to Join the Order of the Sacred Sword!

      To this end she devoted herself to her school studies so she would qualify for acceptance into the Order's training Academy. She wanted to accept on her own merit rather than who her family was. Her Father was one of the Order's most respected members and Oktavia adored him.

                            "My father was loving and compassionate parent to both me and my mother, His love for us was equaled by his devotion to the Empire!" Oktavia explains. "He restored the honor of our family name after the disgrace of my Grandfather, regretfully it cost my father his life!"

                             Just before her birth Oktavia's Grandfather was accused of treason to Empire! Sir Ralfon Vonder-Hursk had been commander of a troop of knights charged with protecting the shipments of Mythorian gold from the mines of the Gandor sector. But several shipments were raided by Gargonian Marauders!  An investigation by the Ministry of Imperial Justice found that the Gargonians were receiving information of the shipping routes and schedules! The IMJ traced the source back Sir Ralfon! he was arrested and was charged with high treason!
                                           The news sent shock waves through the Order! Suspicion fell upon the Vonder-Hursks but further in vestigation proved that Sir Ralfon acted alone. Sir Ralfon was being transported back to the Imperial capital when he escaped with the help of the Muxian crime lords who had been working with the Gargonians!

                 Sir Horris swore he would restore the familys honor! It was when Oktavia was nearing her graduation from Imperal Academy that the fearsome Skroads attacked! this was what is called the 2nd Skroad Incursion! The implacable and merciless Skroad were cutting a bloody path thru the galaxy! Sir Horris was put in command of a outpost that was defending a colony in the Wolph sector. When the Skroads attacked the colony Sir Horris' garrison held off the fiends long enough for the civilians to evacuate! Sir Horris and the knights under his command gave their lives for the colonists! he and they were given the highest honors and trubutes the Empire could bestow!
              But the honors did little to relieve the pain Oktavia felt for the loss of her beloved father and swore she would track down her grandfather, for it was he she blamed for her fathers death! "My father gave his life to not only save innocent lives but to restore our family's honor, an honor stain by my grand fathers trechery!!" She has said!

       When she graduated she joined the orders training academy and after 3 years she was knighted! After that she requested acceptance to the Imperial Starfleet College.It was there she met Baron Darklaw, She was a friend of the Baron's future mate Arica.  Upon graduating Oktavia was assigned to to a starbase in the eastern sectors of the Empire.  While she was there she heard rumors of her grandfather and that he was living has a pirate/smuggler. 

        Oktavia served at the starbase for 4 years and she was promoted to Lt. commander and transferred to the Battlecruiser "Tiamat". 
Under the command of her friend baron Darklaw.

               "Oktavia is not only one of my most trusted officers, but she is a loyal friend." Baron Darklaw has stated.  When she goes on leave Oktavia spend a lot of her time tracking leads on her Grandfather's whereabouts!

              "He's out there somewhere and i will find him! the last words I want to hear from him before I slay him is why did he betray not only our family but the Empire!" she explains!
Darklaw, Cmdr. Baron Vector of Darklaw.
Name/title: Baron Vector of Darklaw, Cammander of the Imperial Margothian Starship "Tiamat."

     species: Morgothian.

          Hgt.: 1.98 meters

          Age:  45

Homeworld: Draxus, the Imperial Capital.


       Vector is the 4th of five offspring born to the one of the oldest noble families in the Empire. His father was Prince Vernar of Darklaw and his mother is Princess (formerly the Duchess) Kathrica of Fernock. His siblings are his elder brother and current Prince of Darklaw Vernar the 10th, his sister the Duchess Heidia of Gormach and his Younger brother Lord Guntar of Darklaw (deceased.)

       As with all Morgothians Vector attended an Imperial Public Education Academy (Public school.) When he graduated he attended The Imperial Starfleet college instead of a regular University. this was no surprise to any who knew him for he has always had a fasination with the stars and space travel, and he felt that this would be the best way for him to srve the Empire and it's people seeing as his brother was going to be Prince.

      At the Starfleet college he did quite well in his studies. upon graduating Vector , with help from his father got assigned to a light cruiser That patrolled the the mid territories as a ensign.  It wasn't the most exciting posting but Vector made the most of it. he was a competent, responsible, officer. He impressed his superiors with his dedication and he was liked by the crew for his firm and fair treatment of them.

                              After 2 years he was promoted to Jr. lieutenant and transferred to another ship, A heavy cruiser named the "Courageous Heart" or "The Heart." as she was known by those who served on her, and was soon patrolling the outer west territories near the Border with the Muxian Syndicate watching out for Mux slave transports that operated in violation of the great Delicon Alliance Treaty!  Vector saw more action here and led many boarding parties. "The Heart" also sought out Gargonian Marauders that also preyed on the colonies and civilain shipping in that sector.

                                                                                Vector was promoted to Lt. Commander and 1st officer. at the same time he met and fell in love with the Countess Arica of Schtoop, the daughter of a colonial governor. they were wed and not long after that she gave birth to they'r fist offspring, the lady Eris. this was followed by two offspring, a son, Alruc and another daughter, Clarica. the future looked bright for Vector and Arica.

             But then a rebellion broke out!  A Sector Lord or Governor by the name of Lord Maztac, Declared his sector a sovereign state and declared himself it's ruler. He had been secretly dealing with the Muxians and had been corrupted. The "Heart was dispatched along with a task force to put down the uprising and arrest Lord Maztac! the Morgothians flew into an ambush! The "Heart" was severly damaged and left dead in space! her commander dead and Vector mortally wounded!! Vector's left arm was mangled and he would have bled to death had not for his younger brother Guntar. Guntar had been recently assigned to the "Heart" as a ensign. He bound his brother's wound and helped him to a escape pod, before that Vector set the ships power core to self destruct and instructed the navi-computer to drive the "Heart", with auxiliary power to into the enemy fleet!
                                                                                  The explosion of the "Heart" in the midst of the enemy fleet caused the destruction of several of their ships and sent them into confusion, this gave the Imperial forces time to regroup and finish them off. Lord Maztac was captured ,but committed suicide. Vector was hailed has a hero but sadly, Guntar did not survive. Unknown to Vector Guntar had been wounded and he died in the escape pod after giving his life to save Vector. 
"I lost more than my arm in that engagement, I lost a brave and beloved brother." Vector has said. Vector was to be awarded the Imperial cross for valor but he declined saying it was his brother who deserved the honor!   

  It was while recovering that tragedy struck Vector again! His beloved mate and mother of his offspring, Arica died!  Vector sank into deep sorrow. if had not been for his family especially his children he would not have gone on with life!  Vector was promoted to full Commander and given the Battlecruiser " Tiamat"!  

         Vector now fulfills his dream of exploring the stars and has mapped new territory for Imperial Colonization and has made contact with many new races and discovered new species of life. When he is on leave he spends his time with his offspring, sharing his love for them and his love of the stars and his dedication to duty to the Empire and it's people. 



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Well February 14th is coming,   I don't know if they mark that date in other countries but here in America it is a day for giving cards, flowers and gifts to your true love. A day to celebrate romance.

But not me. my love, the romance of my life died 8 years ago, my heart and soul still haven't recovered. All Valentines day for me is painful loneliness. 

I feel no one can understand what I mean.


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